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CHEAP HEAT – ‘Everything I’ve Ever Loved’ Album Review

CHEAP HEAT – Everything I’ve Ever Loved Has Either Died, Broken, Left Me Or Let Me Down

Cheap HeatCheap Heat are a four-piece Hardcore Punk band based in Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk (UK), formed in early 2016. Their first full-length record, Everything I’ve Ever Loved Has Either Died, Broken, Left Me Or Let Me Down, features thirteen tracks and was self recorded and mixed by the band. The record was digitally self-released on 25th June 2018 via a free download on Bandcamp, as well as being available on all the usual streaming platforms.

Opening with the humorous, My Ego Is Out Of Control, Cheap Heat display a raw energy and Black Flag heaviness that leads to the faster and more aggressive 1994 with manic guitar work and even more manic vocals – good stuff! A Chip On The Shoulder features group backing vocals to compliment the snarling lead vocals, personal lyrics and a Fugazi like sound with tempo changes and all gets packaged to create a powerful effort. On the superbly titled, Unenthusiastic Handjob the nihilism and boredom with the world are set to a swirling riff and plain voiced vocals in the mode of Idles whilst the thirty-two seconds of Snakes are a chaotic, fast paced romp!

The acoustic guitar layer to TXTMSG supports some plaintive vocals describing a battle with depression and alcohol whereas You Make Me Wish I Was Dead (So I Can Roll In My Own Grave) brings back the chunky, fuzzed out lead guitar and mid paced drumbeat supports an angrier vocal all hinting at that Fugazi influence including the booming bass and droning guitar solos.

Lost, Confused And Fucked moves to a tribal drumbeat and heavy bass creating a foreboding and elongated introduction before the crazed faster sections interrupt the heavy, slow segments. On Rusted Shut Cheap Heat apply a spoken/sung word approach over a meandering guitar lick and funky beat with highly personal lyrics full of anxiety and kitchen sink drama – great song! The raw, DIY approach is evident on the fast-paced punk rock of Bypass Me with Rudimentary Peni vibes whilst I’m Only Happy When I’m Miserable is 79 seconds of rhythmic punk rock that had us all banging our heads!

The penultimate song, Terms And Conditions May Not Apply maintains the pounding assault to the senses and the closer comes in at almost four and a half minutes. Writing A To Do List displays a slow, heavy approach full of power, restraint and that raw energy that is evident throughout this tremendous debut album.

You can get Everything I’ve Ever Loved Has Either Died, Broken, Left Me Or Let Me Down by Cheap Heat here:




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