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CHEERBLEEDERZ – ‘Faceplant’ EP Review


Cheerbleederz The Cheerbleederz have just released their debut EP, Faceplant on Alcopop! Records.

Phoebe, Sophie and I all play in other bands, but we run in the same circles”, explains guitarist Kathryn Woods—who also plays in punk quartet, Fresh—of the bands inception.

Phoebe and I have toured together as Happy Accidents and Fresh, and Sophie is in a band called Finish Flag too, but we played in a band together briefly that was called Don’t Die (Dean from Doe’s project). Because we’re all the only women in our main bands, we decided to make a band that explores being women together. 

“All our writing has been collaborative and quite spontaneous, and because we’re friends first and foremost, it all feels very natural and easy. We just want to have fun—that’s why we’re doing it! Our songs are vulnerable, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. We’re writing and making music together without any expectations and it feels very freeing.”

The three women get straight into things with the edgy, lo-fi of Staying Up Late where melodic guitars meet melodic voices and are propelled by a strong beat and bass. The song has elements of shoegaze but is one that will have you shuffling your feet as well!

On Don’t Hesitate the band fuzz up the guitars and craft a raw backing to the boppy beat and harmonious vocals with everything blending to create an accessible indie-rock effort that drips melodies from every pore. The penultimate track, Thinking Of You is a pleasant indie-rock song with accessible melody and mid-paced beat.

The EP closes with the superb Cabin Fever with Altered Images style vocals and Pixies like guitars – it is a super track with great vocals, solid rhythm and some chunky riffs.

This is catchy, melodic punk/indie rock with hooks galore.

Check out Faceplant by Cheerbleederz here: https://alcopop.bandcamp.com/album/faceplant