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CHELSEA – ‘Mission Impossible’ Album Review

CHELSEA – Mission Impossible

ChelseaLegendary punk rockers from the first wave of British punk, Chelsea are back with and new album containing fifteen energy packed tracks. The title track opens the album and Mission Impossible is an approachable punk rock track with power and melody sounding fresh and contemporary. Over the past couple of years we have seen new releases from Anti-Pasti, Chron Gen and The Ruts DC – and all have shown bands that have grown and are not content to retread old ground. Chelsea channel Cock Sparrer with a cockney infused vocal and terrace-chant chorus with I Can’t Take This – great track that shows the band at the top of their game with a 2017 sound rooted in fertile punk rock soil.

Control drives along at pace reminding me a little of the previously mentioned Ruts D.C. with a message of “You never take control of me” resonating deeply in todays world. Chelsea have produced an album full of hooks and melody with songs like Fashion and I Don’t Know, I Don’t Care promising to be live favorites with their ‘punch the air’ choruses and mosh-pit inducing rhythms.

Jackie’s Got A Gun continues to hammer out the hooks with a Sham 69 approach whilst Suit In The Spotlight delivers a reggae rhythm mixed in with a punk rocker of a chorus. Chelsea have clearly hit a productive songwriting streak and the fifteen songs keep on coming at you with right hooks and left hooks a plenty as they do on Let Me Go and the straightforward punk rocker of You’re No Fun.

The band showcase some nifty acoustic guitar work on the anthem like Sands Of Time that will have many an old punker shedding a tear in their beer! With Something In The Air, Chelsea channel The Clash with some reggae infused verses and swaggering punk rock choruses.

The penultimate track, Sun Stop Shining, is an upbeat song with full band backing vocals adding to the terrace feel. The album concludes with Make It Happen where the band bring it all together – the power chords, driving bass, pounding drums and melodic cockney permeated vocals – it makes for a great package – Chelsea are back and they ain’t going through the motions!

Get a copy of the terrific album Mission Impossible here: http://www.westworldrecordings.co.uk/index.php/2017/08/15/punk-legends-chelsea-release-new-studio-album-mission-impossible/