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CHEMICAL X – ‘EP 17’ Review


Chemical XChemical X are a hardcore Punk band from Fullerton in Orange County, California and have released an absolutely brilliant six track EP, EP17.

The band sound like the offspring of Discharge, Black Flag and fellow So. Cal punkers, the Circle Jerks. The vocals have a Henry Rollins vibe and the opening track, On My Own enters with a machine gun drum roll before exploding into a hardcore, mosh pit frenzy inducing powerhouse. The band are not afraid to slow things up a little with a chunky middle section.

Don’t Tread On Me swaps the formula starting slowly before launching into a hardcore frenzy with the title’s words delivered with conviction. The stand out track of the five is the tremendous, Cop Blocked, with it’s focus on police harassment and a rollicking chant along chorus. For me, one of the punk rock tracks of the year!

On Weight Of The World, Chemical X produces a full on hardcore effort reminiscent of the Rollins Band in terms of tempo and volume changes. The penultimate song, Surf Nazis Must Die, follows it where the band channel Black Sabbath with some monster riff work ably supported by some pounding drums.

The closer, Down To Fight wraps things up nicely with signature stops and starts, a bass section and churning riffs throughout.

EP17 by Chemical X is one hardcore EP that you need to grab…