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CHUMP Announce First UK Tour

CHUMP Announce First UK Tour

ChumpAfter two successful tours in 2018 including France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Chump is going to UK for the first time this March.

Chump (Liège – Belgique) is a melodic punk rock band from the late 90’s – early 00’s. There’s toured since 2016 playing all over Europe. The new album “Welcome To The Punk Rock Family” (Punk Online Review) was released on July 16th 2018.

Full list of venues as follows (see flyer for actual venues)..

01.03.2019 – Lille (France)

02.03.2019 – Bristol (UK)

03.03.2019 – Coventry (UK)

04.03.2019 – Stoke-On-Trent (UK)

05.03.2019 – Chatham (UK)

06.03.2019 – Birmingham (UK)

07.03.2019 – Norwich (UK)

08.03.2019 – Hastings (UK)

Many thanks to all UK local bookers and promoters who help booking this tour.