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CIANURO – ‘Resistencia’ Album Review

CIANURO – Resistencia

CianuroCianuro are a punk/metal band from the city of Concepción, Chile. The new album Resistencia was released a few weeks ago with lyrics that point to social problems from a personal perspective.

The band are preparing several shows in different cities across Chile such as Santiago, Valparaiso, Curico, Cañete, Temuco, etc. The guttarul growl that introduces Trafficante sets up a massively fast and powerful song with some excellent guitar work and vocals that reminded me of New York punks, The Casualities.

The title track Resistencia is the second track of the eight on the album and displays some serious technical punk/math punk chops with complex guitar and drum interchange before again exploding into a 150mph aggressive punk track replete with group vocal chorus.

Paranoia, Muerte Y Soledad is four-minute plus churning rocker with slow chords building to a rhythmic headbanger of a track that builds into segments of sheer pace, some with soaring solos and some complex interchanges…it’s cool! On Medios De Control the band blast out a skate-punk drumbeat under Discharge style guitars and vocals for 101 seconds of sheer punk rock energy…phew!

The pace is slowed down for the Metallica like instrumental Pateando Ratas whereas Parasito intersperses some superb pacey sections with chunky and slower section before the vocals threaten to tear off the roof and launch a punk rocker of complexity and power. The penultimate track, Ambicion opens with an eerie bass guitar lick, soon joined by guitar strings, serrated riffs and vocals dragged from the pit of the gut to produce a combination that just rocks!

The album concludes with Mientes and Cianuro channel fast punk, grunge, skate-punk and metal to seal the deal. With new-metal, aggressive punk and technical punk mixed together, these South Americans have released a stormer of an album.


Get Resistencia by Cianuro here: https://cianuro.bandcamp.com/album/resistencia