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CLUMSY WORDS – ‘Rumination’ EP Review

CLUMSY WORDS – Rumination

Clumsy WordsOhio pop-punk outfit Clumsy Words are back with the follow up to 2016’s debut full-length with a new EP Rumination that was released on May 4th.

The band are a combination of punk/pop-punk/emo and indie rock and the opening track, First, contains elements of each of these genres with a booming bass, mid-paced precision drumming, emotional vocals and chunky riffs – it is a song that burrows its way into your brain and literally forces you to engage – great stuff!

Next up is Leave A Mark where a guitar slowly comes into earshot and launches a serrated rhythm with some skate-punk overtones and a standout chorus.

The third song, Starve is slower in pace, more atmospheric all around and lasts almost five and a half minutes. The track has a ballad approach with lyrics full of loss of hope and the band maintain the restraint throughout.

Closing with the title track, Rumination, Clumsy Words deliver another lengthy effort (over four minutes) but this one has a jaunty approach with a superbly happy lick and an overall sound that will make you smile…good stuff indeed!

If you like your punk packed with melody and hooks you need to check this one out here (please note the track listing is different on Bandcamp to the download we were given).

Rumination by Clumsy Words –





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