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COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY – ‘Counting Pennies In The Afterlife’

COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY – Counting Pennies In The Afterlife

Colour Me WednesdayCounting Pennies in the Afterlife is the new album from the feminist punk band, Colour Me Wednesday.  This is the bands second album and they have been attracting a lot of buzz around their live show.

The eleven-track album opens with the majestic Sunriser with its jaunty licks, strong vocals the song has roots in 1990s grunge although my overall impression was like listening to a 2018 version of The Undertones albeit with female vocals and musicians!!!

On the slower Galaxie 500 meets The Everly Brothers like Boyfriends Car the melodies ooze out of the speakers and the hooks keep on reigning down leading to Lily Allen-esqe Edge Of Everything with its London focused lyrics and pop sensibilities.

Heather’s Left For Dead is a mid-paced indie rocker whilst Exposure is more of a ballad with strong lyrics and a saccharine vocal delivery with a hint of sarcasm. Colour Me Wednesday continue to remind me of Lily Allen on Disown although the music is more Throwing Muses or 10,000 Maniacs although Sad Bride is a bit edgier with some raunchy riffs, off-kilter rhythms and some soaring chorus work.

Tinfoil is a rollicking pop-punk track with pace and melody a-plenty and Entrepreneur maintains the momentum reminding me of The Shop Assistants in approach with sweet vocals, ironic lyrics and beat driven guitars. The penultimate song, Take What You Want (And Then Leave) is an eclectic ballad with layered female vocals over a guitar that builds to a off-kilter beat. The closing track is over six minutes in length and has a prominent beat, indie-rock guitars and those signature female lead vocals. The song leads to a burning crescendo driven by the guitar riffs and ends a unique and pleasing indie-pop-punk album in style as a young kid gets a hold of the mic and rocks out a vocal.

You can get a hold of Counting Pennies In The Afterlife by Colour Me Wednesday here:





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