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COLUMBUS – ‘Next To Me’ EP Review


columbusSelf-professed as “Brisbane Australia’s happiest punks”, Columbus have announced they will release their new EP Next To Me on April 28 .

The five-track EP features a brand new single Next To Me as well as a selection of Columbus’ catalogue reimagined acoustically. The band headed into the studio a few weeks ago and, instead of locking themselves away from the world, the band live streamed the entire recording process via Facebook and Instagram.

With the intention of giving their fans an insight into the day-to-day of how Columbus makes music, the live stream provided a great platform for the band to discuss and answer questions about the process with their fans, ultimately involving them in the creation of the EP. (Fantastic idea that!). Frontman Alex Moses commented “It was a very creatively fulfilling process, focusing on acoustic instruments and softer sounds. We’re really proud of the songs and think they stand on their own in contrast to the heavier versions.”

The opening track and new recording, Next To Me, is a clean, fresh and powerful song even in the stripped down acoustic instruments. The song is bright and sunny and, yes, “happy” betraying a strong eye for a melody and hook.

The remaining four songs are acoustic versions of previously recorded punk rock ‘bangers.’ First up is Say What You Want where the band come across as fully accomplished and Gaslight Anthem style songwriting chops. The acoustic approach creates a different form of strength and power (albeit, these recordings are more than an acoustic guitar and vocals).

Daffodil reminded me of the NoFX/Fat approach to songwriting – very personal, melodic, tight and strong track – and Downsides of Being Honest sees the acoustic guitar a little further forward in the mix as the band increase the speed a little.

Closing with Raindrop, Columbus showcase some terrific vocals and more addictive melodies all underpinned by the well-played and refreshing acoustic/stripped down instruments. This song is epic in scope and a fitting closer to a super EP. If you’re a fan of the “Fat” label and sound, this is a must for you.

You can choose your format to purchase Next to Me from here: https://unfd.lnk.to/NextToMe