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COME CLEAN – ‘From Down the Street’ EP Review

COME CLEAN – From Down the Street

Come CleanFormed in February 2016, Greensboro, North Carolina based outfit Come Clean are back, with their with high energy brand of pop-punk. During the time that saw the sad and shocking news of the passing of pop-punk pioneer Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks, it seems appropriate to review some of the style music that he helped to influence.

This newly released sophomore EP, From Down the Street contains four-tracks and opens with the powerful and catchy, High Guy with melodic vocals, driving rhythm section and spiralling guitar licks and riffs all driving forward with an Alternative Ulster undertone (if you can excuse two Northern Ireland punk references in three words!)

On Clarity Come Clean launch into an extended guitar lick driven introduction before stopping and letting the vocals mingle with serrated riffs and they manage to bring it all together with some super interchanges and use the four minutes plus of the song to explore a few related zip codes and create a truly awesome pop-punk/post hardcore mix!

Up next is Complicated where the band slow things down a tad to deliver a chunky, emotionally charged post-hardcore effort that is full of hooks and melody throughout. This EP concludes with When I’m Falling with elements of Ruts D.C. and Jimmy Eat World blending for the lengthy track that keeps the hooks raining on down with engaging melodies delivered by group vocals.


From Down The Street, is out now via Standby Records here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6qxWe4JbfoSfzG5rQgztN9