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COMRADE NIXON – ‘Feels Like A Thousand Years’ Review

COMRADE NIXON – Feels Like A Thousand Years

Comrade NixonComrade Nixon recently released a follow up to last year’s Wine and Circuses album.

Recorded live to tape at Robot Dog Studio the energetic opening track N.K.V.D. powers along with a loose garage rock feel. On Color Me Blood Red, the band channel UK82 legends, Disorder with some hardcore unrelenting speed punk.

The thirteen tracks on the album have captured the live feel brilliantly with the super One Thousand Lies marrying some straight up punk rock with vocals dripping with a nihilistic snarl! Most of the songs hover around the two-minute mark with Kaputt building from an atonal beginning to an all out instrumental speed fest and Andrew’s Black Book maintaining the pace with a psycho-billy approach.

Black Shadows keeps up the controlled chaos and the feedback intro to Midnight ’17 belies the hardcore punk track that it develops into. Comrade Nixon are straight up punk rockers with a barely controlled chaos approach with Louse, Great Satan and Bowling Green displaying a variety of tempos.

On Purloined the guitars provide a more serrated and choppy accompaniment with By My Green Candle a more Black Flag sounding effort. The album ends with the three-minute plus Social Leprosy with a Dead Kennedy’s sound and, for me, the strongest track on the album.

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