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COMRADE NIXON – ‘Odd Todd’ Album Review


Comrade NixonComrade Nixon just released their fourth album on the label Rat Pate. The Album is called Odd Todd and was recorded at the tail end of 2017, in Vermont. Most of the songs were recorded in one take and the session was completed in three hours total. This adds a great raw, DIY vibe to the album.

The first song, Two Girls, has a garage punk feel like the Cramps meeting Chaos UK and producing this offspring of gritty punk rock. On Thirty Years War, the band channel Mark E. Smith (may he RIP) and The Fall with up-front snarled vocals laid on top of some strong drums and guitar work.

The 78 seconds of Rings Of Pluto feature a banjo, bar room piano and some fast guitar strumming all combining to produce a chaotic yet jaunty effort. Feedback drenches the introduction to the Birthday Party like All In Your head. Comrade Nixon are certainly not a one trick pony and this album features a variety of styles and approaches with songs like Oh Sally being a garage punk lament with some chaotic guitars and mad vocals!

Diggory Deathshead maintains the slightly crazed vocals/lyrics but this time laid over some stuttering rhythms and fuzzed out guitar chords almost producing a Rudimentary Peni/Epileptics sound. The seventh track of the twelve on the album, Encroaching Tide, continues with the raw live sound and powerful punk rock DIY sound and is followed with Mithras where the band careen down the road barely in control of the 200mph pace. On S.K.O’Bash the drumming drives through some atonal fuzzed guitar licks and the instrumental takes a 90 degree turn about two thirds of the way through to show some serious punk rock chops!

The 21 seconds of Amazing Fur Person feature rumbling atmospheric drums and that’s it before the Dead Kennedys like guitar and approach on Bob Wolfe (Think Nazi Punks Fuck Off for the sound) and the album ends with Gross Indecency where the band wrap up this package how they started with shambolic yet controlled punk rock!

Check out Odd Todd by Comrade Nixon here: https://comradenixon.bandcamp.com/album/odd-todd