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COMRADE NIXON: ‘Wine and Circuses’ Review

comrade-nixonComrade Nixon is such a great name for a band or a duo as these guys are. Over the past few years we have seen a few duos make a great noise such as Royal Blood, The White Stripes and, er, The Black Keys…Comrade Nixon are much more a punk sound than any of those.

Opening their debut album ‘Wine and Circuses’ with Constant Scrape the listener is introduced to some heavy punk that belies the fact that there are just two people delivering the fast paced, nifty guitar and drum sounds. Polizei Panzer is even faster and is followed by the incredible instrumental Swine Licker which showcases ‘tight as a gnats arse’ drumming with some great guitar. The band hail from Plattsburgh, New York and will soon be touring the Northeast and are well worth checking out on the evidence of this album.

Cut the Throat of Your Next of Kin is a marvelous raucous punk/oi song with a riff that has you moshing around your bedroom. Comrade Nixon are fast, loud, uncompromising and in your face.

Ibogaine would not sound out of place on an early Black Flag album whilst Rex Ingram adds some bluesy brakes before launching into a million miles an hour classic.  The penultimate track of the ten on the album is Newman, one minute and forty seconds of pure punk perfection.

Wine and Circuses closes with It Has To Be Said, a song with a Fugazi feel in terms of vocal delivery and time changes.

All in all, an excellent debut album with some truly outstanding guitar and drum work. You can find it here

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Constant Scrape
  2. Polizei Panzer
  3. Swine Licker
  4. Il Castrato
  5. Cut The Throat Of Your Next Of Kin
  6. Micromegas
  7. Ibogaine
  8. Rex Ingram
  9. Newman
  10. It Has To Be Said



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