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CONTRA CODE – ‘Wasted Already’ Album Review

CONTRA CODE – Wasted Already

Contra CodeContra Code’s 2015 classic will be re-released on vinyl by Mud Cake Records, and you can pre-order it today (link below). Wasted Already was originally self-released by the band and later distributed by Bird Attack Records.

The 52 seconds of Screwtape opens up this terrific album with a nod to fellow Canadians, Propagandhi. Road Rash contains some excellent vocal interplay, complex rhythms, excellent guitar work with the entire package full of powerful menace.

On Pickabar, Contra Code pick up the pace even more and like great skate punk tracks, they manage to pack in at least half a dozen different sections and approaches with those machine-gun drums propelling the track along. The eleven track album continues with Red Ass where the melodic guitars, shouted vocals and tight as hell rhythm section drives the song along.

The hooks, melodies and pounding drums just keep on coming with See Saw and Iron Herd catapulting out of the traps and not stopping with lung bursting mosh-pit inducing efforts. Kill is a masterpiece of skate-punk and is followed by Concrete with its ‘punch the air and scream loud’ introduction.

The complex rhythm changes on Snap Crackle set up a towering chorus with angry vocals whilst the penultimate track, Time Lapse continues to explore pace, changes in pace, guitar licks and melodic vocals.

The album closes with Impressed and the band maintain the momentum with a powerful skate-punker that has us banging our heads in unison. Contra Code are a classic skate punk band and certainly worth a listen for all punk rock fans!

For more info and to pre-order Wasted Already by Contra Code go here: https://mudcakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/wasted-already-2