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Copenhagen Dance-Punk Duo MERCYFOX release single ‘Naked Cross’

Copenhagen Dance-Punk Duo MERCYFOX release single ‘Naked Cross’

MercyfoxWhen they play concerts it’s often chaotic. It’s something to do with a flashers’ coat, eyeballs, a lolita doll with megalomania, a gender confused cheerleader, a hollowed out baby and blood.

“Well, the world is a bit of a freakshow so we’re just trying to reflect it”, they say.

They’re called Mercyfox, a new dance-punk duo from Copenhagen, Denmark. Christoffer Hein and Dragut Lugalzagosi met in the summer of 2016 to make noisy pop hits within a genre they also call ‘pop trash’. Pop garbage, a mutated detour from the vast array of radio friendly and harmless music we all know so well and are fed with daily.

Mercyfox mix the danceable and punky elements with industrial drums, quirky synths and walls of guitars that even Donald Trump would envy. The lyrics often revolve around all the bizarre stuff happening in the world, and it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at lead singer Dragut’s energetic outbursts alternating between hope, desperation, love and chaos.‘

“We set out to make a pop song from hell” they say, the Danish duo aka the two Mercyfoxes, Dragut and Christoffer.

“But at the same time the intention was also to make an almost painfully optimistic and hopefully inspiring track. To remind the listener that she or he is awesome, that freedom and a fantastic riot is just around the corner and everything is possible.”

And yes, bodily fluids, freedom and a cute little comment on norm porn and beauty ideals are definitely some of the lyrical ingredients in their latest single ‘Naked Cross’.

It’s a piece of dark and punchy synthpop. The tight industrial sounding beat and distorted 80’s synths firmly invites the listener into the no-BS world of Mercyfox.

‘Naked Cross’ is written by lead singer Dragut Lugalzagosi and produced by Mercyfox. An EP is on its way.



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