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CRASH-11 – ‘Self-Titled’ EP Review

CRASH-11 – Self-Titled

Crash-11This entire seven-track EP was written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by 24 year old musician/producer from South Wales (UK),  Nick Naylor. I can promise you that you are not going to believe the beautiful punk-rock noise that this guy conjures up!

Sounding like Rise Against! on the opening track, Poison In My Veins, the sound is fast, powerful, melodic and full….blew my mind! The power, aggression and punk rock melodies continue on the superb, Waste Of My Time where Pennywise comes to mind!

On Twisted Duty a relatively slow intro gives way to a fast paced, melodic punk rocker that takes a breather half-way through before returning to the 100mph pace. Crash-11 is one accomplished musician and songwriter.

The Black Flag/Anti-Flag like No Reason to Live is 75 seconds of brilliance with some excellent guitars, bass and pummeling drums and is followed by the equally hard-hitting Working Class Man with its skate-punk vibes.

I am frankly blown away that one person can produce such a compelling work of art and the 28 seconds of Hipsters is as good as anything I have heard in the pop/punk/skate-punk genre. The closer, Victim is strong, hook-laden punk rocker reminiscent of Sum 41 and NoFX.

Seriously good stuff – check out this self-titled EP by Crash-11 here:

Bandcamp –





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