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CRASH-11 – ‘Songs I Wish I Wrote’ EP Review

CRASH-11 – Songs I Wish I Wrote

Crash-11Crash-11 have released a new cover’s EP out today, it’s aptly titled Songs I Wish I Wrote and includes covers of songs by Rise Against, Bad Religion, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio and Blink-182! As with the first Crash-11 EP, the songs are performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Naylor, a 24-year-old musician/producer from South Wales (UK).

Opening with Rise Against’s Six Ways ‘Til Sunday, it is amazing just how much power, noise and energy can be generated with one talented punk musician and producer. The track motors along with some machine-gun drumming, power chords a-plenty and a melodious, urgent vocal that all combine to showcase an excellent effort.

On Big Bang, Bad Religion’s classic gets the treatment of full on punk rock pace with massively fast guitars and drums for ninety-eight seconds of So-Cal bliss before Sum 41’s Open Your Eyes adds some ‘punch the air’ rhythm with a skate-punk approach and some truly terrific vocals.

The 4thof the five tracks is Stupid Kid, originally recorded by Alkaline Rio and Naylor is in his element as he lays down the cascading guitar licks, chunky power chords and melodic vocals to bring a crisp and fresh sound to the Fat! Sound.

Closing with Blink-182’s Carousel, Crash-11 continues to show some excellent musicianship with a booming bass, elongated guitar intro and some powerful drumming. The EP is superb paying enough respect to the originals but adding some 2018 production to enhance the experience – really worth your time!


Check out Songs I Wish I Wrote by Crash-11 here:

Bandcamp – https://crash-11.bandcamp.com/album/songs-i-wish-i-wrote
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6ECQ79nUa8kNu5XV2qIQtB?si=wdZXPly8SQiZ4sfDKz6-Zw