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CRUEL EXPERIENCE – Lives Of Ugly Demons (L.O.U.D.)

CRUEL EXPERIENCE – Lives Of Ugly Demons (L.O.U.D.)

cruel-experienceLives of Ugly Demons (L.O.U.D.), is the debut album by Cruel Experience showcasing seven tracks and was entirely self-financed via money earned at gigs and recorded totally in DIY spirit. Channeling the likes of Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth, Cruel Experience are heavy and different. The band formed in in Lucca, Italy in 2013, and have shared the stage with bands like JC Satan, Cosmonauts, Go! zilla, Pow!, Judah and Fuzz Orchestra.

The album opens with Highway Of Lies where some of the gnarliest bass I’ve heard since early Discharge introduces a track that delves into heavy riffs, group vocals that do conjure up images of early Ozzy and 1973 Sabbath! At six minutes in length, the track explores many variations in tempo, approach and creates what I can only describe as “art as sound” – each section is accessible and connects with the vocals taking a backseat overall.

The title track, Loud, is much shorter and more urgent in approach with vocals reminiscent of the Sex Gang Children albeit with faster backing – good stuff indeed! On Bite The Light, Cruel Experience return to the longer format (over seven minutes!) and go full Sabbath/Sludge with a hint of Rudimentary Peni fuzz guitars with some angst ridden vocals and chaotic sections.

Bad Moon introduces some acoustic guitar channeling Smashing Pumpkins with the echoey vocals and builds into a head nodding and foot tapping rhythm. Again Cruel Experience craft a soundscape with a little “No Doves Fly Here” vibe…I really liked it!

Help Me Wizard and Seven Years are both sub-three minute tracks with the former exploring sludge-metal territory before exploding into a cracking effort whilst the latter sees a softly strummed guitar underpin a vocal that was seemingly recorded in another room adding to an eerie atmosphere.

Closing with Teenage Smokeland, the band amp things up again with a bluesy/dirty fuzz guitar riff that slows to let the booming bass take-over for a while until the screamed vocals take things back up again. It’s a fitting ending to a strong and different album that blends tons of influences to create something new and exciting!

Here is the link to listen to Cruel Experience and L.O.U.D.



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