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CRUZ DE NAVAJAS – ‘Dominacion’ Album Review

CRUZ DE NAVAJAS – Dominacion

Cruz De NavajazFormed in 2016, Mexico City’s Cruz De Navajas has already established itself as one of the more exquisite contemporary dark wave/post punk groups. This eight track album was mixed and mastered in England, at the North London Bomb Factory, Dominacion is the band’s debut LP. It’s available now on California’s Going Underground Records.

Opening with the truly excellent, Depuracion with hints of Joy Division, Theatre of Hate and Siouxsie & The Banshees, the female vocals add an atmospheric melody to the pounding bass driven track. Lyrically, Cruz De Navajas tackle the difficult issues of femicide and the forced disappearances of the citizens of its home country, Mexico.  Musically, the band is a refreshing version of post-punk goth music first heard from the likes of the Sisters of Mercy. Esclavas channels the latter with the bass again prominent and the vocals with a little more reverb. The beat entices the listener to dance and the overall ambience is one of gothic punk. The excellent Ciudad ups the pace with pounding beats, eerie keyboards and angular guitars. The vocals and bass intertwine beautifully and I’m searching for my long black coat!

Las Personas Son Bestias begins with a throbbing drumbeat and the atmospheric vocals are full on Siouxsie whilst Imperialismo slows things down a tad but still packs a punch for over four and a half minutes with signature soaring vocals. Another lengthy song comes next and Parasitos speeds things up resulting in some Theatre of Hate style moshing in the office!

The penultimate track, Suna, features the ever-present throbbing bass guitar and sounds like early Joy Division/Magazine with a faster pace. This excellent post-punk/goth album closes with SPK where the band channel, once again, Siouxsie & The Banshees in their early days and bring those sounds into 2018…great stuff!

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