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CURSIVE Share Grisly New ‘Life Savings’ Video

CURSIVE Share Grisly New ‘Life Savings’ Video

CursiveFollowing its Halloween debut with horror new outlet Dread Central, Cursive are sharing the grisly new video for their song ‘Life Savings’ today.

“We worked with friend Matt Hewitt to make this video, he’s been making amazing action/horror shorts since he was young. We gave him full license to come up with the idea and to be as violent and/or as gory as he wanted to be.”says singer/guitarist Tim Kasher.

“I love this video.”  director Hewitt explains further. “I brought up a few things with Tim as far as inspiration, namely the Scott Smith novel and the equally good Sam Raimi adaptation, A Simple Plan. It seemed to fit with snippets of the lyrics here and there, and while the ‘find money in the woods’ trope is a little tired for a feature, we agreed it made a very jam-packed and interesting video. And gangsters with guns are traipsing around the woods, The Sopranos episode ‘Pine Barrens’ is never far from my mind either, so there was a dash of that too.” 

‘Life Savings’ is the lead single from the band’s acclaimed new album Vitriola (Punk Online Review here), which was released on October 5th via their own label 15 Passenger (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK).


More about Vitriola:

Recorded at Omaha’s ARC Studios with Mike Mogis — who last co-produced with Cursive on Happy Hollow — Vitriola takes a different approach than the tightly woven conceptual albums of the band’s past. It is less rigidly themed and more responsive, and finds the band struggling with existentialism veering towards nihilism and despair; the ways in which society, much like a writer, creates and destroys; and an oncoming dystopia that feels eerily near at hand.

It reunites Kasher, guitarist/singer Ted Stevens and bassist Matt Maginn with founding drummer Clint Schnase — also for the first time since Happy Hollow. They’re joined by Patrick Newbery on keys (who’s been a full-time member for years) and touring mainstay Megan Siebe on cello. Sonically, Vitriola runs the gamut between rich, resonant melodicism, Hitchcockian anxiety, and powerful dynamics — and no Cursive album would be complete without scream-along lyrics that make for unlikely anthems.




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