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DAD NAP – ‘Worn Out’ EP Review

DAD NAP – Worn Out

Dad NapDad Nap is from Nottingham, UK and are actually a one-man folk punk band and have released a new EP called Worn Out.

The four-track EP was remarkably recorded in the kitchen and opens with Burn The Bodies, an urgent DIY effort with some fast-acoustic guitar and melodic accordion (I think) as the lyrics focus on the income gap, class war and burning the rich. The clip of a speech that sees out the track is stark and powerful as the drums pound and the vocal delivery is strong.

On the title track, Worn Out, there is a gypsy-punk vibe as the vocals deliver in a rapid-fire rap style and the musical backing drives along with an insistent guitar and drumbeat. Up next is a simply brilliant cover of the classic feminist anthem, I Will Survive with that rapidly strummed acoustic, simple but effective drums, dual track vocals and some accordion solos – it is superb and delivered with gusto!

The EP closes with She’s A Killer where Dad Nap revert to a melodic ballad that will have you switching on your torch app and waving it in the air as you finish your last beer. The track speeds up to a satisfying ending to a super DIY release.

It is amazing how technology has evolved to encourage troubadours like Dad Nap to record and distribute their work and that has allowed the rest of us to enjoy the output.


This one is worth a listen here:  https://dadnap.bandcamp.com/album/worn-out