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DAN GOATHAM – ‘Lost Your Way’ EP Review

DAN GOATHAM – Lost Your Way

dan-goathamDan Goatham is the lead singer and guitarist of the Spoilers – and he has released an EP that is available noe direct from the excellent Little Rocket Records.

Lost Your Way is a stripped back version of tracks usually performed by the Spoilers opening with Lost Your Way. The acoustic guitar subtly supports the beautiful lyrics and heartfelt delivery. It’s proof of how good a punk rock song is when played acoustically and this is born out with the magical opening track. The female backing vocals and plaintive organ add some texture to the song and we were all in here at punkonline towers!

The second track, Stay Afloat opens with a Frank Turner style guitar and the South of England tinged accent of Goatham adds to the warmth of the song. Again, the songwriting skills are to the fore with some super heartfelt lyrics.

The three track EP ends with the longer, three plus minutes of Punks Don’t Die, a song that will be grouped with Chumbawamba’s excellent Fade Away. It’s a great track showcasing Dan’s longevity in the scene from his time with 7 Day Conspiracy and Southport. I loved this song and can’t wait to see what the next set of releases sound like. Check out the video for Punks Don’t Die below



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