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DATA CONTROL – ‘It Was Nothing’ Review

DATA CONTROL – It Was Nothing

Data ControlSwedish band Data Control have just recorded seven songs that they are looking to release as a 12″ limited vinyl record. We got our hands on the digital release and were immediately enthralled with the jaunty and bouncy riff that introduces Mainstream Zombies where a booming bass is accompanied by echo-effect vocals and even bigger guitars creating a Husker Du meets the Sisters of Mercy atmosphere (yes, that is hard to imagine but, it works!)

On Second Coming the band kick into top gear with a dirty garage punk riff with that enormous bass guitar helping to drive this one onwards with serious intent that had us head-banging and flinging our bodies around with abandon before the title track, It Was Nothing maintains the momentum albeit with a Stone Roses vocal layered on top of some goth-punk guitar licks and another huge bass/drum production!

The ninety-seven seconds of Skinhead Violence are trippy with, I think, a xylophone or plaintive piano mixing in with fuzzed out riffs and fast bass licks and then Barriers rocks out with complete abandon (and that piano sound is back) crashing and barrelling over a cliff and spiralling around and around with a raw, melodic, garage rock meets the Jesus & Mary Chain effect.

The penultimate track of the seven is Watching and this one is different again with repeated lyrics sung melodically over a guitar run with background screams before exploding into a crescendo of punk rock power and noise.

The album/EP concludes with the almost five-minute Thin and Worn where the guitars are jangly and melodic, beats intricate and vocals laid back and overall effect very pleasing indeed.

This is good stuff, different yet familiar, melodic yet powerful and you can grab a listen to Data Control here: