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DAVES – ‘Call It A Lie’ EP Review

DAVES – Call It A Lie

DavesDaves are a trio of musicians from Leeds, UK and they have been getting some great feedback on their new EP that was just released in mid April. Call It A Lie contains four blistering tracks and opens with the sixty-one seconds of Good Enough. The song powers along with aggressive vocals and a pulsating punk beat with group vocals and pounding drums hanging everything together.

On Change a mellow guitar intro leads to a mid-paced beat and plaintive vocals full of angst and then the song bursts into life with cascading guitars and a melodic hook as the band veer from restrained verses to the powerful chorus and spoken word middle eight that builds to a great crescendo.

The penultimate song, Bad Tattoos is a rollicking roller-coaster ride reminiscent of the Idles, Chapman Family and Stiff Little fingers with a superb riff and aggressive chorus. The hooks reign down and demand that you get in the pit – loved this song!

Daves close the EP with the title track, Call It A Lie and is three and a half minutes of pure punk perfection. Opening with a steady drum beat, bass guitar and angst ridden vocals, the track explodes from its restraints as the chorus line is repeated before the shackles return in Pixies like style – it is a brilliant song on a brilliant EP.

You can find Call It A Lie by Daves here: https://wearedaves.bandcamp.com/releases