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DBOY – ‘Prove Your Love (Live In Belem)’ Album Review

DBOY – Prove Your Love (Live In Belem)

DboyDBOY is a three piece band from Welland, Ontario, Canada.  Prove Your Love (Live in Belem) is set to be self-released (on record and tape) on February 14, 2018. The band will be playing a few shows with Canadian power pop powerhouses, Ancient Shapes, as they come off their recent tour.

Opening with the crowd screams and announcement of the band, (Don’t Break My) DBoy Heart the 56 seconds blend immediately into the raunchy and chaotic Nowhere Man. The vocals drip with sarcasm and the music is raw, DIY garage punk with a Stooges vibe. On Interlull the crowds screams help propel the bass and drum intro into the dirty guitar riff and rock star lyrics – there is an absurdity to the lyrics all wrapped in a fun approach that is raunchy and flirty as hell.

Three Piece Band is a great rocker with a riff that just demands a head-banging party and it is followed 38 seconds of What Does DBoy mean To You? The breathless pace continues on Fecal Alcohol Syndrome where the dirty riffs and plaintive vocals and 1970s stadium rock star concept continues.

Fourth Wish pounds along with dirty rock n’ roll power and you can imagine Iggy belting this one out as I’m reminded of the New York Dolls. The title track, Prove Your Luv is yet another bass driven, dirty riff infused rocker in the vein of 1970’s glam punk rock.

With the adoring crowd cheering prominent, Dr. Rock pummels the listener into submission and the formula is applied to Three Wolves although the latter is given room to breathe and build.

The penultimate song, Born With A Hard On is 51 seconds of Johnny Thunders style rock and roll and the closer, Dboy Balls decides to nail this album with more dirty riffs and garage punk rock n roll. It’s not subtle but that is part of the concept but it sure does rock!

You can get Prove Your Love (Live In Belem) by DBOY here:


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