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DEAD BHUTTOS – ‘Democracy Is The Best Revenge’ EP Review

DEAD BHUTTOS – Democracy Is The Best Revenge

dead-bhuttosPunk rock from Pakistan? Oh yes! Naming a band after the slain members of the Bhuttos, (with a big nod towards Jello and the San Franciscan Dead Kennedys) is bound to attract attention in the country, and that’s exactly what the members of Dead Bhuttos were going for.

Their debut three track EP, Democracy Is The Best Revenge, just hit PunkOnline Towers and we didn’t know what to expect. Opening with Pakistan Ka Matlab Kva the Dead Bhuttos sound more like early Discharge and Chaos UK with the same power and energy. The title track, Democracy Is The Best Revenge cleverly mixes radio recordings of political speeches with the guttural vocals and heavy, heavy guitars.

The third track is even heavier with raw chanted vocals supported by some manic drumming and buzzsaw guitars – Taqwacore Ko Miss Karao! is just 34 seconds long. In three rapid fire, power packed tracks, the Dead Bhuttos blow away any preconceptions that punk rock may not have reached all corners of the world. The band do introduce some local touches of Punjabi/Urdu sounds but the overwhelming impression is of D-Beat/UK82 punk rock and it sounds mighty fine even sung in local language.

The band members have stated in interviews that the recordings are political in nature and they intend to work hard to build a Lahore and wider Pakistani punk scene.

Check out the debut E.P here (great artwork too)

Dead Bhuttos are:

Sheraz Ahmed – Guitar, Drums
Basim Usmani – Bass, backing vocals
Hassan Amin – Vocals, lyrics


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