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DEAD FALL Release New Music Video “Drowned Out”

DEAD FALL Release New Music Video “Drowned Out”

Dead FallOH-based punk band Dead Fall has released a music video for “Drowned Out,” the first single off the upcoming EP Never Expected.

‘Drowned Out’ is a song that captures a unique transitional period in my life,” says drummer Nick Barker. “After the exit of a long-term partner that was deeply ingrained into my everyday life, I began to question what was good for me and wonder if the things I had built my life around were true at all. Being the first time, I truly experienced this kind of loss and heartbreak, I was forced to come to terms with the fact that people can and will choose to remove you from their lives in an instant when you least expect it. I also got to feel the bond between my friends, family, and I grow stronger than I could have imagined as they supported me through it. In the end, I have come to value both experiences. They’ve helped shape the person I am today, and I couldn’t be happier with myself.

Dead Fall draws influence from the massive guitar sounds of classic and modern grunge acts, the beautiful ambiance of emo and shoegaze, and the raw energy of punk. They’ve quickly become one of the most engaging live bands to see in Cleveland, sharing the stage with powerhouses like Neck Deep, Can’t Swim, Sorority Noise, Broadside, Heart Attack Man, and many more.