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DEAD HANDS – ‘Nobody Exists on Purpose’ Review

DEAD HANDS – ‘Nobody Exists on Purpose’

dead-handsThe good folks from Dead Hands asked us to review their debut six track EP of chaotic riffs inspired by the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan (RIP), Heck and Cancer Bats. Well, as an accommodating crew, we opened up the first track Open Bracket and we were immediately attacked by a wall of heavy guitars and screamed vocals so powerful that it stripped the paint off the walls. After a very short pause for breath Elephants Crush People grinds its way into your brain. It’s heavy, relentless and mixes some churning guitar with atonal solos and a rhythm section that thuds into your very soul. The changes in pace from the chunky bass driven section to the guitar solo ending were really fun to get to grips with.

Diving Board (Jack Christ-Ho) continues to mix the Napalm Death like drum and vocals with some pretty spectacular and intricate guitar work. Make no mistake though, Dead Hands are in your face like a knuckle-duster and they keep on pummeling away with pace, power and precision.

Buck Angel’s Challenging Movies opens with a punk guitar riff before launching into a super journey through screamed and insistent vocals interspersed with a variety of guitar led changes in speed and approach – sometimes melodic licks, sometimes heavy riffs, sometimes fast bass heavy chords and then they bring the whole thing together to produce my very favorite track of the six…loved it!

Second to last track is 7 Days (of Craig David) where the vocals come further forward in the mix and compete with the loudest guitars and bass I’ve heard this year! The EP ends with Close Brackette (made me smile!) and the band leaves nothing in the rehearsal room – this one moves fast and the riffs are really chaotic almost threatening to descend into the abyss but they hold it together with aplomb. I was reminded a little of Canadian noise legends Metz although I think the Dead Hands are even heavier…that’s a compliment!

‘Nobody Exists on Purpose’ was released on the 22nd of August and is available from their bandcamp site here>>>


Track Listing

  1. Open Bracket
  2. Elephants Crush People
  3. Diving Board (Jack Christ-Ho)
  4. Buck Angel’s Challenging Movies
  5. 7 Days (of Craig David)
  6. Close Bracketté