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DEAD HORSE CREEK – ‘1876: The Ballad Of Wolfe Burton’ Review

DEAD HORSE CREEK – 1876: The Ballad Of Wolfe Burton

Dead Horse CreekDead Horse Creek released their debut album in November titled 1876: The Ballad Of Wolfe Burton. They manage to blend folk, punk, metal, and spaghetti western to create a unique set of sounds.  The album tells the story of a fictional outlaw gang called the Bloody Higgins Boys and the new friend they pick up while breaking out of jail.

The story begins with Wolfe’s Lament where the sound of a horse riding into town is replaced by an acoustic guitar and Nick Cave style vocal before an explosion busts the jail doors off. The band then channel some gypsy punk on No Prison Bars replete with some spaghetti western whistling…great fun!

Onto Brand New Machine Gun where you can enjoy a true punk rock version of Ennio Morricone with a ramshackle, raucous folk punk style that soars in scope. I strongly suggest listening whilst reading the lyrics because this is an immersive experience. The songs blend perfectly into each other whilst maintaining great variety and Pour, Bastard (Saloon Song) is a melodic punk rock drinking song with numerous vocalists and some excellent guitar and drum work!

I am absolutely recommending this album as a must have with tracks such as Esperanza adding a Spanish folk edge to the album with some melodic vocals supported by castanets to bring home the atmosphere. Leading to the next chapter, The Promised Land, Dead Horse Creek return to the country punk approach as the outlaws head down south to Mexico at a pace! Things get downright sinister and spooky on El Cucay (a seemingly evil character) as the band bring some elements of The Cramps to the party. Next up is Into The Pit where the lyrics (which I wont spoil) are supported by some hardcore punk and it is a brilliant match!

The ninth of thirteen “chapters” is a five-minute track featuring spoken word, melodious guitar work that builds and builds this largely instrumental track into an epic powerful effort. It is followed by the rollicking and raucous Manhunt and then the return to Nick Cave/Tom Waits with Wolfe’s Lament (Reprise).

The penultimate track, Capture of Wolfe Burton returns to some fast-paced punk rock with some big backing vocals. The whole story concludes with In A Blaze Of Glory, where the band open up with military drums, western guitar and a booming bass guitar. It is where punk/spaghetti western and hardcore merge together to produce a fitting end to an excellent concept album. Different, fun, energetic and powerful!

This is simply great stuff and you should check out 1876: The Ballad Of Wolfe Burton by Dead Horse Creek here: https://dhctx.bandcamp.com/releases