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DEAD LETTER BOX – ‘DLB#3’ Album Review


Dead Letter BoxFrom the mellow yet foreboding guitar notes that open up this six track EP, Dead Letter Box show that they know their craft. In fact The Hunter And His Prey extends into a one and a half minute build up before the vocals scream into view. The band layer a wall of heavy sound with some screaming guitars before retreating to the entry hook of softly played notes to build us up again to the culmination of a breathtaking song.

The band hail from Mechelen, Belgium and released this EP earlier in the year and we are please that we have finally got our hands on a copy as the band launch into What Are You Waiting For where they display a post punk/post hardcore approach with strength and melody in equal measures. They are at their best when they build brick by brick as they do on Delayed with the solo guitar notes joined by some echo/reverb effects and a pounding drum beat. The track takes on an almost gothic/Killing Joke feel with the vocal helping to ignite the guitars.

On Switch Off, Dead Letter Box display some soaring guitar work and hardcore sensibilities with complex drum rhythms and then follow-up with A Million Times where they slow it down a little and layer the guitars again to craft an accessible, reserved opening that lulls you in before the power chords kick in. I really, really liked this one!

Ending with Carte Blanche, the band kicks off with a set of fast chords and the pace quickens immediately as the refined yet raw sound burrows into you head, heart and soul.

This is clever stuff and you can get a copy of DLB#3 by Dead Letter Box here https://deadletterbox.bandcamp.com/album/dlb-3