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DEAD NECK – Self-Titled EP Review

DEAD NECK – Dead Neck

Dead NeckDead Neck have re-recorded their self-titled five-track EP. The EP will be available on orange and black vinyl and released on May 7th. The Manchester, UK based band have over 350 live shows under their belts. Their original release of this EP was legendary amongst those in the know but this re-mastered effort adds to the original with pace and power throughout.

The opening monster track, Cooking With Nunchucks is fast, tight and mighty with skate-punk DNA and hardcore roots, it simply rocks at 150mph. Decibels just blows away all of the cobwebs and combines sections of melody infused skate-punk with screamed sections replete with math-punk rhythms.

The third track, MDK sustains the power and pace and adds some vocal interplay whilst the penultimate song, Oriental blends melodious vocals with choppy guitars and an amazing drumming display.

The last of the five tracks is Lifeline and Dead Neck get straight into things with a wall of sound from start to finish. The band remind me a little of Chicago’s Counterpunch and their hooks hit hard, melodies sooth and overall package makes you want to shred.

Check out this self-titled EP by Dead Neck here:



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