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DEAD POLLYS – ‘Strummerland’ Review

DEAD POLLYS – Strummerland

Dead PollysDead Pollys are a four-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden. They have made more than 200 performances all over Europe and USA and play straight up, authentic and honest punk rock with a Uk82/First Wave vibe. Their new album is released on February 15th.

The excellent Strummerland album opens with an Oi! flavouredNot Alone with a soaring riff, gravel throated and melodic vocals with a pounding beat and hints of SLF and The Business setting up a great singalong chorus. The huge dirty bass guitar that ushers in the chunky and churning Jimmie, Jimmie (no, not a cover of the Undertones pop-punk classic) with its ‘punch the air’ chorus and hook heavy approach before the big riffs and beats of Idiots Like You deliver a stomping rocker that will have your head banging and feet stomping with some great lyrics as well!

(I’m Not) John Wayne continues with big riffs with an AC/DC sound but punk rock attitude through melodic but sneering vocals and then Black Butterfly matches a plaintive vocal dealing lyric targeting depression as the mid-paced rocker matches melody with big hooks. The pace is increased slightly on Smallest Man Alive and engaging licks meet serrated riffs whereas The Parade begins with crowd noise which develops into a group singalong and some urgent punk rock that loses none of its engaging melody despite a more aggressive set of lyrics.

On Love Transmission the band try a stuttering beat, huge riffs and, some positive lyrics creating a kind pf punk rock love song before City Of Fear seriously ups the tempo and the power with some musclebound riffs, strident vocals and a melodic, singalong chorus…good stuff! The penultimate song, Losing Money By The Minute marries a spiralling lick with razor sharp riffs and a pummelling beat and a different chorus approach with different vocal.

Dead Pollys concludes this satisfying album with the title track, Strummerland, and at four and a half minutes the band pay tribute to the early punk bands and, especially the legend that is Joe Strummer who created the spark for the band to form. The band produce a super song full of hooks and melody to wrap up a strong, honest and ultimately listenable punk rock album.

With elements of the UK Subs, The Clash, Angelic Upstarts and Chelsea, Dead Pollys have delivered an up to date and fresh version of the genre – check them out here: