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DEAD ROYALTIES – ‘Spraying Perfume On The Flowers’ Review

dead-royaltiesTwo singles from Bristol’s Dead Royalties that were released in 2015 and are available on Bandcamp and follow hot on the heels of our review of the recent Metz gig in New York. The connection between the two is that these bands are loud, complex (“math punk” is one way how the Dead Royalties describe themselves)

The most recent release, Spraying Perfume on the Flowers starts with the blistering eponymously titled track. It’s a tight, fast track with some intriguing chord changes and clever lyrics. It’s very well produced and has some strong vocals combining a falsetto with some angry gruff words. “Does it feel good?” the band asks – it sure does!

The “b-side” Cupid’s Arrow – shows a different side to the band. They may refer to it as “art punk” but I found myself thinking, Blur and/or Wire. The melodic verses are interspersed by the powerful chorus.

dead-royaltiesEarlier in 2015, the band released another single with two tracks. The title song, Revolting Revolution begins with some powerful and intricate guitar work backed up with some tight drumming. The song is really strong and the changes to vocals, rhythm and guitar sounds work really well. Think early Buzzcocks mixed with Black Flag and you get somewhere near the sound.

Last up is Sons & Daughters which is a slower, bass heavy slab of introduction before a relatively quaint interlude leads to another bass driven chorus. It’s an enthralling mix and it hooks you – the Dead Royalties will certainly be a band you should check out now – I can’t wait to see them live.

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