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DEAD TO THE WORLD – ‘Fire’ EP Review


Dead to the WorldDead To The World are a street punk band from Houston, Texas focused on writing fast, heavy tunes that a crowd and sing along to. They have shared the stage with some of the top punk bands out there such as Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Street Dogs, Misfits and many others.

The band recently released their four-track EP, Fire and it opens with a rumbling bass riff and pummelling drums as Decay Society drives home with UK82 intensity and 2019 skate-punk/street punk power reminding me a little of Chaos UK and Disorder.

On Tax Man a signature, Oi! style guitar lick leads into a chunky street punk effort with duelling vocals, pounding beats and a rabble rousing chorus that will have you reaching for your Fred Perry shirt and Dr M’s

The third song, Flip The Bird is much more aggressive and faster in approach with hints of Minor Threat as the band pound out a punk rock piledriver replete with big bass, pounding beats and rocking guitars and that leads to the finale, For You where Dead To The World seal the deal with a three-minute plus romp in the style of NoFX meeting the Circle Jerks as the melodies drip from the speakers and the group vocals drive home the story full of community camaraderie!


Check out Fire by Dead To The World here:



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