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DEADBEAT AT DAWN Release New Single 

DEADBEAT AT DAWN Release New Single

Deadbeat At DawnPunk band Deadbeat At Dawn are about to release their latest single ‘You Can’t Kill (What’s Already Dead)’/’Pushin’ Poison’ on June 28th. Watch the Video for ‘You Can’t Kill (What’s Already Dead)’ below.

The single will be available from 0605 Records Bandcamp page here: https://0605records.bandcamp.com/

Here’s the band’s bio….

We’re mainly influenced by punk/ska bands like Operation Ivy, Suicide Machines, The Bennies, Leftover Crack, Sublime, Blaggers ITA, as well as hip hop like The Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, and M.O.P.

Lyrically, we try to mix it up. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we try to cover our political views & things going on in our lives, and mix it up with batshit conspiracy theories, our love of crap sci fi and horror films, our obsession with gangsta rap, darts, wrestling, computer games, and anything else we find fun. Above everything, we just make the kind of music we want to hear. We’ve been doing it for over a decade now, it’s just something we love doing, and we love hanging out and spending time with each other, and making each other laugh.

The world’s most unprofessional punk band, flag bearers for 0605 Records, Thirsks best looking boy band, “oh, not those guys”… DeadBeat At Dawn have been called a lot of things.

Founded way back in 2006, out of the ashes of Mafia vs Ninja and BossEye, this group of long time friends continue to craft their eclectic mix of punk rock, ska, rap and pop, with a heavy influence of cult horror and action films, batshit conspiracy theories and stupid in jokes.

With smiles on their beautiful faces, and a trail of spilt drinks from the bar to the stage, DeadBeat At Dawn are the same band they’ve always been, good friends here for a good time, doing their best to bring a fresh style to an ever evolving genre.

Taking their name from the cult action film by Jim Van Bebber, they were included on a documentary film about him in 2016, alongside Pantera and hip hop legend RA The Rugged Man amongst many others.

Recently playing gigs with the likes of Gimp Fist, The Brawlers, and The Siknotes, DeadBeat At Dawn first and for most concentrate on having a good time on stage, hitting the right notes comes second place, bringing a party atmosphere and leaving smiles to each venue they play…