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DEATH OF YOUTH – ‘Between Chapters’ EP Review

DEATH OF YOUTH – Between Chapters

Death of YouthFrom the hotbed of emerging punk/hardcore come Death of Youth. The band started out as a solo project, but has since grown to become a full band project following the release of the debut EP Between Chapters about a month ago.

The mellow guitar introduction to Echoes flatters to deceive as the band launch into a pummeling drumbeat, powering bass and monster riffs supporting an urgent and angst ridden vocal screaming in agony and pleading to create a post-hardcore classic.

On Cracks the momentum continues with cascading guitar licks, pounding drums and screamed vocals albeit with a massive punk/hardcore approach that left us somewhat breathless and on Silhouette, Death Of Youth let those tormented screams dominate a fuzzed out guitar underpinning. At the half-way mark the song explodes into full band presence.

The EP closes with Tapestry and this propels along with swirling guitars, solid beats and emotional vocals which scream us home. It is an emotionally draining listen – melodic yet hardcore, touching yet ‘in-your-face’!

Between Chapters by Death Of Youth can be checked out from the following links:

Bandcamp: https://deathofyouthuk.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3N1caaqNXGfRtAmseZGwGZ