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DEATHSEX BLOODBATH – ‘Swipe Right with Deathsex Bloodbath’ Review

DEATHSEX BLOODBATH – Swipe Right with Deathsex Bloodbath

Deathsex BloodbathSwipe Right with Deathsex Bloodbath is the latest release from Coventry, UK based, Deathsex Bloodbath. Recorded in Coventry, the focus includes navigating online dating, surviving abusive relationships and destroying the patriarchy.

The theme throughout is ‘phone calls related to sex and relationships and the opening “phone call” featuring a female voice leads to the excellent Let’s Fuck with its double entendre focus on actually “fucking” as well as “fucking the system” all against an indie punk backdrop.

The next ‘phone call sees a male voice exploring some callers fantasy and then launches Tinder Is The Night with one of the most explicit songs about sex against a dirty bluesy background. Next up is Drag King introduced by a flirty female voice and some energetic riffs open up a rock and rolling punk rocker that sounds a little Lost Cherrees in approach.

The penultimate song is Do Better where a ‘phone call features a dominating female voice and the music takes on a Los Campesinos! sound with some excellent choruses. The ‘last’ telephone call sets up Rehabilitate Me with some humor (I won’t spoil the joke) and the aggressive introduction is replaced with some twee guitars, joint female and male vocals and the track builds to a rollicking, er……climax J

The EP concludes with another sex focused call and then a number of ‘phone rings that go unanswered. Deathsex Bloodbath is fun, clever and subversive.

You can check out Swipe Right with Deathsex Bloodbath by Deathsex Bloodbath here: https://deathsexbloodbath.bandcamp.com/