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DEATHTRAPS – ‘Gotta Get Some’ Album Review

DEATHTRAPS – Gotta Get Some

DeathtrapsGarage rockers from Newport, Wales, UK, Deathtraps have just released their second album, Gotta Get Some and it contains twelve-tracks of gritty, gutsy, grungy punk rock. We reviewed their first album, ‘Justice For the Risca One’ last year.

The excellent opener, Automatic Thrill just blasts out of the speakers with dirty riffs, thrashing drums and melodic group vocal choruses combing to craft a punk rocking extravaganza that had the entire office look up from their screens enquiring “who is that??”

On Murder City the band take things up a notch or two with a chaotic noise fest that has elements of The Meteors and some of Disorder with a little Motorhead for good measure …wow! Deathtraps have a knack for a dirty guitar lick and huge vocals as demonstrated to the full-on Tracks, Marks And Lullabies and Lemmy must be smiling as these boys just leave nothing in the rehearsal room with the drum and bass introduction to Get Loose setting up a rollicking mid-paced rocker with a majestic chorus.

Bittersweet And Dangerous maintains the momentum with a singalong chorus and, oh those riffs that remind me of the first time I heard Jake Burns shred on Inflammable Material whilst Fucked Up is a raucous rocker full of anger and energy and Bored Of You is more Sex Pistols than Motorhead.

The band go full on horror punk with the chant laden Teenage Knife Crime and the title track, Gotta Get Some carries on with the focus on life in the gutter and the search for highs through alcohol. Know Your Rights pummels along with a drum pounding and rumbling bass setting up a swashbuckling chorus full of anger and big energy!

The penultimate track is a cascading ball of energy, Fan Clubbing reminds me of The Clash meeting the Cramps and seeing who can play the fastest and the album closes with The Death Of Rock ‘N’ Roll where these guys just deliver a rocking and rolling garage punk epic that just blows minds, speakers and demands your attention.

This is one raucous racket that you can amp up your life with. Gotta Get Some by Deathtraps is available here:



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