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DEBT NEGLECTOR – ‘Atomicland’ Album Review


Debt NeglectorDebt Neglector are from Orlando, Florida and released their debut LP, Atomicland on Smartpunk Records. The opening track is the title song, Atomicland and it is a bright and powerful pop-punk effort in the vein of Green Day.

The band increase the pace and the raw punk vibe on Gift Shop. The vocals take on a gravelly like tone and the song ends with a chunky rhythmic section. On The Brink is heavier still with a Bad Religion atmosphere replete with some epic guitar licks.

Debt Neglector are tight and aggressive, bright and powerful and they rock hard!  Modern Red Scare features a bass driven, riff heavy punk rocker with some intricate changes in tempo and approach. The song is driven along by some excellent drumming and guitar work as well as lead/backing vocal interplay!

On Phantom Limbs, the band explore a rockier approach and I was certainly banging my head along and the whole office moshed along to Extended Checkout with its Toy Dolls like guitar work! Ringer is a more straight up skate-punk pile driver whilst Gimme Relief bounces along at a pace with melodic vocals propelling the song.

The excellently titled, Half Man, Half Couch is a longer track, starting with a plaintive vocal and guitar before the band crash in with a hook laden and melody driven track that I loved!.

The sub-two minute Get A Clue full of serrated guitars and vocal interaction is full of power. The album concludes with Sorry To Say with a prominent bass line and vocals with the guitars kicking in at just the right moment to create some serious momentum. Atomicland is an excellent punk rocker of an album and one worth checking out.

Check out Debt Neglector here: https://www.facebook.com/DebtNeglector/