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DEBT NEGLECTOR – ‘The Kids Are Pissed’ EP Review

DEBT NEGLECTOR – The Kids Are Pissed

Debt NeglectorOrlando, Florida’s Debt Neglector were formed in 2016 and has spent the past two years pitting conflicting ideas against each other. The release of their debut LP Atomicland (Smartpunk Records) (Punk Online Review) showcased their ability to blend melody and aggression with songs that featured catchy hooks and depressing/cynical lyrics about the death of the American dream.

The band is now back with a new EP, The Kids are Pissed with six new songs tackling subjects like the current rise of the Alt Right (punch them all in the face!), America’s inhuman immigration situation (stop using “they’re taking our jobs!” as a mask for your shitty racism!) and gun reform (we need way less fucking guns!).

The EP begins with some monster chords and develops into a fast paced and melodic punk rock monster track as Scared Of U.S. with a great chorus, tempo changes that veer into jazzy territory as the lyrics attack everything wrong with America right now…good stuff! Go Fund Yourself is heavier, much heavier with a bombastic bass line, raucous riffs and a Dead Kennedys vibe whilst Wrong Side maintains the pace and momentum with a caustic vocal that expresses the deep anger these folks feel towards the neo-nazis cropping up in their parents’ spare bedrooms across the nation!

The short, sharp jab to the chin that comes with New White Roses matches chunky sections and a huge chorus with some more restrained segments and is followed with the penultimate song, R.P.F.O. with a stop/start opening and 150 mph punk rock elements and a “Racist Pricks, Fuck Off” message…couldn’t agree more!

This tremendous EP concludes with the title track, The Kids Are Pissed, where the vocals are a little more forward in the mix and the anger just as visceral. The chunky guitars and pummelling beat help drive home the message and I allow myself a wry smile as punk rock regains its voice and attacks the elite, power hungry, divide and conquer crew that masquerade as our leaders…these are anthems of resistance.


Check out The Kids Are Pissed  by Debt Neglector here:




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