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DEEP STATE – Announce debut album ‘Thought Garden’

DEEP STATE – ‘Thought Garden’


Deep State

Anthemic rockers Deep State have announced their debut album Thought Garden, due for release on Friendship Fever on 14 April. They’ve shared the first single “No Idea Pt.II” via Stereogum, who wrote; “The song is frenetic and anthemic, the energy immediate in everything from Chmura’s airy yelp to guitars that burst like sparks from a railtrack.” Consisting of Athens, Georgia residents Taylor Chmura (guitar, vocals), Christian Deroeck (bass), Michael Gonzalez (drums) and Ryan Gray Moore (guitar), Deep State are making some of the best, pure-bent, rock joy heard in a generation in their crook neck portion of America’s east coast.

Thought Garden is a thoughtful and cathartic listen that shoots straight from the gut, head, and heart. Across the album, Chmura examines inward frustrations at the things that exist in your mind and work against you, in search of a sense of self-resolution. Thought Garden captures the raw energy of a band being a band, recorded live over two days last January in Athens’ Chase Park Transduction studio with Drew Vandenberg, who has worked on albums by Of Montreal, Deerhunter, Porcelain Raft, and Mothers, among others.

Deep State formed in Athens, Georgia not so long ago, a group of friends from bands, college, restaurant jobs: Moore was getting a master’s degree in guitar performance; Chmura wanted to form an aggressive/cathartic/punk band that was undeniably catchy. Melodies were floating around constantly in Chmura’s head until the noise became too much. He asked his friends for a hand fleshing out his ideas, and lo and behold, everything meshed in a beautiful way. The songs finished themselves. As the band tells it, Moore, Gonzalez, and Deroeck are the pros, and the most amateur musician in the band fronts it. A memorable, moment-producing formula.

A full track listing and cover artwork are below.

Deep State – Thought Garden – 14 April


Track listing:
1. Guardin’
2. No Idea Pt. II
3. Mountains
4. Death Waltz
5. Thought Garden
6. Heavy Lunch
7. Nothing Speaking
8. Infinitesimals
9. Idiot Waster
10. Eight
11. Urn


Band website: https://deepstate.bandcamp.com/

Pre-Order: https://store.friendshipfever.com/products/deep-state-thought-garden