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DEEP STATE – ‘Thought Garden’ Album Review

DEEP STATE – Thought Garden

deep-stateAnthemic rockers Deep State have announced their debut album Thought Garden, due for release on Friendship Fever on 14 April. The band hail from that hotbed of music in Athens, Georgia (R.E.M, Vic Chestnutt and many others)

Thought Garden opens with some mellow feedback looping guitar and a few strummed chords for the 53 seconds of Guardin’ before the band gets started properly with No Idea Pt. II. The song is urgent, fast paced, melodic and manages to capture a truly raw energy. It’s a great introduction to an album that was recorded live over two days.

Next up is Mountains and the sheer fun communicated by the song suggests that the band are on top of their game. If you can imagine a raw Weezer (with a bit more pace you’ll be somewhere close to the sound produced on this song).

The blend of guitar, bass, drums and vital vocals produces a unique noise in the case of Deep State and it’s a catchy noise. The band show some versatility with the low-fi Thought Garden which is followed by a Plimsols like Heavy Lunch.

Deep State are very difficult to pigeonhole and that raw, live sound certainly produces a combination of pop/punk/rock that I found compelling. Nothing Speaking slows down things with a ballad reminiscent of the Jesus & Mary Chain as fuzzed guitars propel a melody that eats into your brain!

The album contains eleven songs and the hooks and melodies just keep hitting hard on Infintesimals and Idiot Waster. The penultimate track, Eight is a rambling, ramshackle track in the spirit of the Libertines and the final song, Urn pushes the boundaries a little with a mellow solo bass into, atonal guitar layer and slow drum beat. The atmosphere is a little bit Beatles, a little bit Mogwai!

Check out Deep State here https://deepstate.bandcamp.com/ and check in regularly on their Facebook page for updates on the album release here https://www.facebook.com/deepstatega/