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DENY – ‘Parasite Paradise’ Review

DENY – Parasite Paradise

DenyMore than a decade of inactivity passed before DENY decided to pick up the instruments again, and after a year of rehearsing and creating new songs, they entered the studio. Their new eight-track EP, Parasite Paradise, is a collection of furious songs about how people with power use their position for their own winning. The band self-describe their music as “Swedish old-school hardcore punk.” – Whatever the label, it’s very, very good!

The EP will be released on April 27th and you’ll want to get this one if you have any taste for punk in the area of Amebix, Antisect, Discharge as displayed on the angry as hell, Inbred Insanity with growled vocals, enormous bass, D-beat drumming and some serious shredding…WOW!

The attack on Tr*mp and America on Make It Great is superb fast paced punk with a soaring solo and some excellent vocals and the guys at MDC would be proud! Bring Me Down maintains the relentless aural assault with pace, power and precision…these folks are tight! The 89 seconds of Victims bring the bass just a little further forward to create a truly muscular sound that had the entire office moshing!

Entering the second half of the EP, DENY deliver another hardcore punk 79 second slab of raw power. Resisting Hard is sheer aggression and is followed by Denied with a monster riff, quick stop/starts for yet another raucous recording.

The penultimate song, What I Deserve reminds me of Conflict with an extended intro (with some great bass) anguished vocals and a pummeling riff/beat…superb stuff! Closing this excellent release with Feed My Hate, DENY put the pedal to the metal and wring out another speedy punk rocker.

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