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DEUX FURIEUSES – ‘Tracks of Wire’ Review

deux furieusesDeux Furieuses are a London/Glasgow duo Ros Cairney (guitar and vocals) and Vas Antoniadou (drums and vocals). Their debut album ’Tracks of Wire’ is produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey’s drummer and arranger) and comparisons to Harvey are fair.

Are we Sexy Enough? Is a brilliant opening song and a full on attack on rape culture. It’s probably lazy to compare Deux Furieuses to other female punk/post punk acts like Savages, PJ Harvey and even The Joy Formidable but if you could imagine a blend of all of these, you’ll come somewhere close to the sound these two create.

Can we Talk About This? is a rhythmic track driven forward by tribal drumming overlaid with power guitar chords and angry lyrics delivered with true venom. Two songs into the album and I am taking notice. This is lining up as one of the best releases of the year.

Tracks of Wire is political but takes on many subjects such as pro-democracy uprisings, fundamentalism and extremism, the denial of freedom of expression and rights for women. The songs are very well written, played and produced. The album is very professional and polished but does not lose any sense of anger or urgency.

You can see why they have picked up some radio play on BBC 6 music – this is an album that stands out from the pack. There is not one song of the twelve that disappoints – Dream for Change is a hit waiting to happen and From Fear to Fury is an instrumental track that showcases the sophisticated songwriting abilities of the duo.

Get Nowhere is more sinister with a noise chorus bracketed by a great guitar riff whilst I Want My Life Back makes Royal Blood sound like a folk duo by comparison! Kill Us is an excellent Savages like track and one of my favorites on the entire album using backing vocals to create a sense of anxiety and foreboding…it’s brilliant!deuxfurieuses

Philistines demonstrates a confidence to slow down the pace and deliver a power ballad with the chorus of “..it’s not us it’s them..” repeated melodically. Time to Mourn closes out the album and Deux Furieuses have cemented themselves as one of the most refreshing bands to enter the music scene in 2016.

The album will be self-released digitally on 20 May and is one of our top ten releases in the first half of 2016. Get it!

Available here – https://deuxfurieuses.bandcamp.com/

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Can We Talk About This?
  2. Now You’re Gonna Listen
  3. Are We Sexy Enough?
  4. Get Nowhere
  5. Dream For Change
  6. Kill Us
  7. The Party of Shaitaan
  8. Philistines
  9. Out of my System
  10. I Want My Life Back
  11. Time to Mourn
  12. From Fear to Fury


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