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DEVILS TEETH – ‘Suki Yaki Hot!’ Album Review

DEVILS TEETH – Suki Yaki Hot!

Devils TeethIn 2016, like a thousand bored, out-of-shape dudes before them, three Milwaukee friends started a band, Devils Teeth. The band recently surfaced with ten songs that blend the reverb-drenched energy of surf rock with the dissonance of post-punk and the theatrics of Spaghetti Western soundtracks. Due out in late-summer 2018, Suki Yaki Hot! is one of the most impressive debuts to come out of Milwaukee in recent memory.

The opening track, Diamond Rio is a boisterous rock and roller in the spirit of The Cramps but with a harder, punk edge replete with some eclectic synthesizers, pounding drums and melodic vocals. On Junction Street Eight Tigers the booming dirty bass guitar lick sets up a pulsing song with a psychobilly vibe and the band display their variety with the B-52s horror-punk effort of Death Is Nimble.

The big bass guitar is never far away on this album and helps to spur on Dirty Trickswith its foot stomping approach whereas Party Shark Shake is a full on surf-punk rock ‘n’ roller that will set arms a flailing when played live. The dark and menacing atmosphere of Understanding The Hands Of A Killer leads to a massive chorus, surf guitar and slow beat reminding me of The Meteors meeting the aforementioned Cramps!

Devils Teeth  lay down a skiffle like beat and a Captain Beefheart vibe on Jet Jaguar with the guitar licks winning out in the end and they mine the surf punk/horror punk  formula with Who’s Laughing Now replete with a monster riff!

The penultimate song, Sakuraba again features a booming bass guitar but this one sets up a faster, punkier song dripping with hooks and melody and some great technical sections. The album closes with the marching beat of People Of Earthwhere four-minutes plus of vocal melody are eventually supported by a massive middle section of soaring punk-rock that fades to the solo drums…good stuff.


You can order your fix of psychobilly, surf punk rock by Devils Teeth  here: https://devilsteeth.bandcamp.com