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DIENAMIC – Announce new album ‘Surfing The Apocalypse’

DIENAMIC – ‘Surfing The Apocalypse’

Dienamic, up & coming 5 piece Arctic Death Thrash act hailing from Gothenburg Sweden have just released their new album ‘Surfing The Apocalypse’ with leading track ‘Betrayed’ as a video to accompany.

​The band have been away for many months in the studio writing, recording and forming their new live lineup, and are ready to hit the road once again, off the back of this explosive release.

‘Surfing The Apocalypse’ contains tracks taking influence from the roots of the band and the band members themselves; the struggles, determination, writing process, adrenaline, world issues and even broken bones. A culmination of years of touring in the initial days, and in recent months working on their sound, production and writing in the studio.




Arctic Death Thrash hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden – Est. 2009

Dienamic first saw the light of day in 2010, and ever since the release of their self-titled EP and first live show, they have been bringing their super energetic live show to the stage. With over 60 live shows under their belt, they have become a bone crushing five piece metal act that are set to leave their mark on the world, one town, city and country at a time. Dienamic have already toured Japan, central and eastern Europe, and the UK along with their home country Norway. The band are addicted to touring and get out there every chance they have!

Dienamic was started by Stein-Odin Johannessen (guitar) and Gustav H. Lindquist (vocals) in 2009. Ever since their first live show in 2010 at a youth club in Tromsø the plan was clear, full throttle all the way to the finish line. This was the beginning of a road that would eventually lead them to Japan, accompanied by bassist Bjørn-Håvar Skoglund and drummer Jørgen M. Olsen. As well as worldwide, Dienamic were extremely active on the Tromsø live scene even while recording their first EP, the self titled ‘Dienamic’ in 2010 and their full length debut ‘Surfing The Apocalypse’ which was to follow, and which has recently been re released.


New album artwork

January 2012 saw the finished product ‘Surfing The Apocalypse’ as their first studio album recorded at GR Studios and Lydproduksjon in Tromsø which was released shortly after finalising, resulting in an onslaught of great reviews, nomination for ‘Best Album in 2012’ at, and recognition from established bands from both home and abroad. One of the first album-highlights came with the publishing of one of Dienamic’s songs on Terrorizer Magazine’s FearCandy CD for the February issue of 2013.

During the summer of 2013 the band started to work on pre-production for their second album. Great responses on the first album and an exclusive deal with Full Metal Service agency led to their first ever tour outside the borders of Norway. Dienamic headed out on tour in Japan together with Nightrage (SE), Psycroptic (AU), The Faceless (US) and Inarkadia (FR) at the start of November 2013, followed by hitting the main stage at Underwall Festival in Croatia and performing alongside Sepultura in Belgrade.

The second album ‘Afterlife’ was recorded in April 2014, and released April 2015 followed by extensive touring during which E.K. Killie took up duties on guitar for Dienamic respectively.

With Dienamic, Pure and raw energy hits you head on, unique crowd contact and a great atmosphere helps to capture the audience, from the heaviest break to the softest touch. The full range of Dienamic is best presented during their live shows, so look out for a tour date near you soon!

In recent months, after the full line-up for Dienamic having been completed, the band have re visited their debut album, remixed, remastered and added a new punch to the album, which has now been released worldwide as of February 8th 2017, taking influence from the roots of the band and the band members themselves; the struggles, determination, writing process, adrenaline, world issues and even broken bones.



Gustav H. Lindquist – Vocal

Stein-Odin Johannessen – Guitar

Eivind Kjær Killie – Guitar

Kujtim Gashi – Drums

Tobias Oja – Bass



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