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DIPLOMA – ‘The Cost Of Clarity’ Review

DIPLOMA – The Cost Of Clarity

diplomaDiploma is an energetic five piece punk band based in Melbourne, pulling members from around the Commonwealth (Australia, Canada, New Zealand). They are releasing the six track EP/mini-album The Cost of Clarity on May 26th.

From the first calmly strummed guitars, soon joined by overwhelming feedback that launch into a chunky, churning punk rock track, Macho, is a song dominated by a stunning vocal full of latent power. Diploma display a melody and raw strength on the opener that bodes well for this album.

Lauralie significantly ups the tempo with a power-pop-punk trip that is over four minutes in length and a really strong effort. The ambient pub conversation sounds and distant piano contribute to the 55 seconds of Curse These Metal Hands and Diploma launch into the terrific Everything Is Repairable, a melodic and strong anthem in the style of NoFX.

The fifth of the six tracks, Fake Tan, continues in the melodic, anthem like method and bounces along skate-punk style for almost four and a half minutes – I defy you to sit/stand still whilst listening to this one.

Closing with the newly released single, End and End and End (then die) the drum intro and melodic guitar riff are soon joined by plaintive vocals and the song builds with some well placed backing vocals adding to the atmosphere.

End and End and End (then die) has been getting some radio rotation and you can also find information on the band Diploma as well as The Cost Of Clarity on their impressive website https://www.diplomamusic.com.