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DIRTY WORK – ‘In The West End’ Review

DIRTY WORK – In The West End

Dirty WorkDirty Work are a three-piece punk band from Toronto, Canada. In Q4 of 2018 they self-released their second full length entitled In The West End, and got some help from a small U.K. label by the name of Food Waste Records.

The twelve-track album is available on vinyl, cd, and all major streaming platforms and opens with Ready To Go where thirty seconds of Canadian accented conversation gives way to a big bass, meaty riffs and then explodes into view with accelerated pace, gravel voiced lead vocals and some harmonies from the group reminding me of early Abrasive Wheels.

The street punk aggression of Attack, Attack channels The Blitz and a little early Discharge whilst Force To Fight maintains the momentum with an Oi! Approach, group vocals, tight bass and drums with some runaway riffs supplemented with quick licks. On Hogtown Hooligans another muscle-bound riff supports a terrace chant street punk/Oi classic followed by The Kids (Know What’s Going On) where I was transported back to the early Angelic Upstarts.

Paul Sorrels of The Virus is featured on Let’s Hit The Road and Dirty Work produce a burst of pace and energy that has us on the edge of our seats before Steel Toes again channels The Blitz and other UK82 Oi! bands such as the 4-Skins. The eighty-five seconds of Never Say Die romp along with those gravel throated vocals up front in the mix and big drums supported by huge riffs before Where Were You? dials up the pace even more and then Brother showcases some melodies and pop/punk edges with some excellent group vocals.

The penultimate track, In The West End is a hook-laden mid-paced pleaser full of singalong, punch the air intent before Gang Warfare sees us out with a Cockney Rejects style swagger played at pace with purpose!

If you’re in need of some authentic street punk with significant muscle and melody then this one is for you!

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