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DISCIPLINE – ‘Stake Your Claim’ Review

disciplineOur Dutch friends at Rebellion Records have been releasing some cracking punk albums this year and, lately a number of Streetpunk/Oi efforts. The latest just hit our inbox and comes eleven years after the last release from Eindhoven’s Discipline.

Fronted by Merijn Verhees (ex-Banner Of Thugs, The Young Ones, Sparrow Falls), Discpline’s new album “Stake Your Claim” opens with 1 minute and 51 seconds of My Time Will Come an optimistic ditty on better days coming. It’s tight, fast and aggressive

With barely a second to catch your breath We Can’t Be Beaten opens with a neat guitar lick. The choruses feature a rugged terrace chant whilst the verses focus on the powerful gravelly voice of Verhees back by some musicians.

There is a certain freshness and new approach that these guys bring to the Streetpunk genre. There is real melody melded with a Cock Sparrer like approach to songwriting. Think solid bass and drums, some excellent lead guitar and a vocal approach that encourages you to punch the air, smile and bounce around. All of this is apparent on the excellent The World’s to Blame.

There is not a poor track on the entire album and there is enough variety with slow melodic Oi! songs followed by more straight up fast punk efforts. The New Bovver Boys is over four minutes long with hints of Sham 69 and Stiff Little Fingers in the extended guitar led intro.  The lyrics focus on solidarity and working class issues of loyalty, fighting the system and making it through the day. There’s a dip or two into hooligan territory with Troublemaker and We Rule The Pub Now and the excellent “Stake Your Claim” a song that reminds me of Slade on speed!

Discipline have returned with a classic streetpunk album – put on your boots and stomp around the house, raise your fist to the air and singalong…great fun!

“Stake Your Claim” was released on CD the 25th of May, a vinyl release will follow later this summer!

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. My Time Will Come
  2. We Can’t Be Beaten
  3. The World’s To Blame
  4. Show Us The Ropes
  5. King Mouth
  6. The New Bovver Boys
  7. Sad Disgrace
  8. Get Me Outta Here
  9. Troublemaker
  10. Stake Your Claim
  11. Your Generation




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