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DISS GUY – ‘SELF’ Album Review


Diss GuyDiss Guy are a Belgian Hardcore/punk band, and they’ve just released their first full album called SELF. The band formed in 2015 and cite influences such as Trash Talk, Minor Threat, Ceremony, Black Flag, The Bronx and Bad Brains.

The record will be released on four small Belgian labels; Loner Cult Records, Mosh Potatoes, Lost Youth Records and NextNight Records. The twelve-track album is packed with short, sharp burst of songs clocking in for a total of seventeen minutes!

Opening with Intro, a Rudimentary Peni style churner with screamed, guttural vocals and powerful dark riffs, the band slow down to grinding guitars and steady paced beats. Next up is Can’t Feel My Face where the album explodes into seventy-seven seconds of full on hardcore punk rock delivered at pace, breaking for a slower section before launching back to a frenzied conclusion. On Cut Loose, Diss Guy maintain the hardcore momentum with a slightly more melodic powerful punk package whereas, Fuck No is thirty-six seconds of straight up hardcore punk in the vein of Minor Threat. The pace is kept with the dark and heavy, Burning Kross with some Black Vibe underpinnings whereas the title track, SELF is a mid-paced angst-ridden journey into a tortured vocal, churning riff and then Not Desired is a 250mph mixed with slow, grinding segment short, sharp punch to the gut!

The band explore a lengthier song on Not My Problem with a super fuzzed out bass guitar introduction, pounding drums and angst-ridden vocal delivery full of power and anger and then Final Seconds brings back the huge bass before launching a mid-paced track in the spirit of Institutionalizedby the Suicidal Tendencies that eventually launches into a speedy hardcore effort.

The sub-one-minute Timtation just attacks from the outset and maintains a cacophony of powerful punk before the penultimate song, New Beginning takes on that Rudimentary Peni at their fastest and most powerful best and it simply rocks. Diss Guy conclude this marvellous hardcore, punk album with F.U.K. and this one is a head banging, foot stomping, mosh-pitting effort that reflects the album in its variety of tempos and full on power throughout…great stuff!

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